I will handle all mechanical engineering works

handle all mechanical engineering works

About This Gig

I  offer a wide variety of mechanical engineering design services. I creates complete mechanical design for your new product, or make modifications and improvements to your existing mechanical design. The services includes but not limited to the ones listed below
  • Industrial design
  •  Power Plant Technologies, thermodynamics and energy
  • Mechanical transmissions
  • Parts and assembly documentation
  • 3D CAD layout and piece-part design
  • Material selection
  • Thermal analysis
  •  Experimental reporting, Academic papers and Literature research projects
  • Energy engineering
  • Application of Mathematics in Mechanical Engineering (calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra)

Order Details

2 days delivery

2 &3D Drawings, Engineering Design,

All mechanical engineering problems, design, mathematical analysis, Academics and consultation

  • 10 Questions Answered
  • Model Audit
  • 15 Minutes Live Consultation