I will offer other solutions to your business uncertainties

offer other solutions to your business uncertainties
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About This Gig

Hospitality Counseling (This is my Profession for 40 Years)
I offer all levels of advice and assistance to your needs. I am able to approach and resolve issues that drag on your business success. (Example: In 2014 I initiated a full reversal taking five years of triple digit loss and achieving a $400,000 profit for the company.

You may send me any questions or material about what is troubling your business. (I guarantee confidentiality) Each issue is a half point. One point equals an order.

Write down what is troubling you. I will review what you send and I may ask for clarity.  I will offer my experience to help you form a decision to your business needs.

EXAMPLE A: A piece of equipment breaks down that you need up and running quickly, but the pricing from your vendor is concerning you and you want a second opinion before you pull the trigger.
EXAMPLE B: Your Bar Pouring Cost is over the percentage you would like. I can help you bring this level down relative to where you want to be.

Categories of Hospitality Consulting
Private Club
Other Business Models

Three support levels
1) Attached Document Support
2) Phone call support
3) On-location hiring (separate negotiation)

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision