I will improve your Wordpress website speed

improve your Wordpress website speed
improve your Wordpress website speed

About This Gig

Research suggests any page that takes longer than 4 seconds to load starts to lose business. And anything over 7 costs you most of your traffic! 

If your site speed is under-performing, I will increase the speed of your Wordpress website in real terms, as well as improving it's results in Google Page Speed and Yahoo Yslow ratings.

I employ the following methods:
1) Optimising your images to make sure they are the smallest file size possible (without visible loss of quality)
2) Install and configure caching scripts (specifically set up for your hosting environment)
3) Set up "minify", which helps reduce the size of the code that's loaded when someone visits your page.
4) Setup and configure CloudFlare, a free content delivery system that serves up your site files to visitors from servers near to them, speeding up their experience, and taking a load of your server.

I recently improved the speed of a Wordpress site from a 7.4 second initial load time, and “C” grades for both Page Speed and Yslow--to an incredible 1.84 second load time, with two “A” ratings.

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3 days delivery


Improve your Wordpress website speed

  • Resize Photos
  • Minification
  • Browser Caching