I will create database for complex application using ms sql server

create database for complex application using ms sql server

About This Gig

Database is key role for any application whether it's web or desktop, if we unable to create database in manner that requires then it become headache for applications.

I have strong knowledge of MS SQL SERVER and having 5 years of hands on experience in the same.

Hi will create database using following key factors

  1. Primary Key
  2. Foreign Key
  3. Unique Key
  4. Composite Key
  5. Index Key
  6. Triggers
  7. Functions
  8. Procedures
  9. Cursors

by using all of the above as per requirement I create database for your huge and complex website in very normal form such a way that it wont become headache for web or desktop application.

Even I can share my knowledge to teach you the same so that next time you can have your own database structure in your any of the future applications :)

please do message me before you order, this is request from me because by gathering your requirement I can give you exact timeframe and cost  

don't try to contact me outside of fiverr.


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Database in Sql Server

I will create any complex database in MS SQL Server

2 days delivery