I will write a 500 word short horror story for you

write a 500 word short horror story for you

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Description Will write a 500 word short story Will write a 1,000 word short story Will write a 10,000 word novella
  I will write a 500 word horror short story. I will write a 1,000 word horror story for you. Kick it up a notch with 10,000 words!
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About This Gig

I will write a 500 word short horror story for you. I believe in quality work and I'm all about making my customer's happy. That being said, I will not write stories featuring explicit sexual acts. There is a short sample below:

Lizzy Hart had never believed in ghosts, ghouls or all of the other sordid little creatures who claimed the slate dark night as their own. But the smell on the train was unbearable, like a dead turtle left baking in the hot July sun. The other passengers seemed oblivious to the putrid scent, but it had Lizzy's stomach rolling. When she could take it no longer, she gave the shoulder of the sleeping man next to her a gentle shake. He didn't move, didn't make a sound. Frustrated and nauseous to the point of tears, Lizzy shook him harder. Everything that had been in her stomach rushed past her lips and painted the seat in front of her. Her eyes, however, widening as far as their sockets would allow, were glued to the head laying in her lap.

The above was an example. If you have an idea about what you would like, please send me as many details as possible. Otherwise I will assume complete artistic liberty. No sexually explicit material.