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About This Gig

Here's a freebie: Bullish Engulfing bars occur at daily market bottoms 40.8% of the time on EURUSD. Now, on which day of the week do you think it happens the most? How might this help your odds?

Would you like to:

  • SEE how often 54 candle types occur at swing tops & bottoms
  • KNOW the avg RSI/MACD/Stoch value at mkt turns
  • LEARN your market’s ranges & seasonal tendencies
  • FOR $5...Challenge your current assumptions!

Many will not tell you, but think about it: At some point, you MUST base your trading around REAL probabilities that give you an EDGE.

My data shows you EXACTLY what your indicators, candle patterns, etc. did at market tops & bottoms for the last 20+ years (daily chart). YOU turn it into a winning trading system. 

Or, you can keep trading hunches and other peoples' ideas. Your choice.

Worth $5 yet?


Delivery is a giant page with clear market statistics--tons of data. Easy to understand. Friendly support

For +$25 I also provide a HUGE Excel 2013 spreadsheet--a fascinating interactive tool to test ideas based on MULTIPLE CRITERIA:

  • What is the avg P/L on Mondays when high-volume Fridays close higher?

  • What is the avg RSI value at mkt tops on Tuesdays in January?

  • Endless more

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