I will secure your website with SSL https

secure your website with SSL https
secure your website with SSL https
secure your website with SSL https
secure your website with SSL https

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  Setup SSL for your primary domain name (whatever.com & www.whatever.com). (See Extra for WP sites) SSL setup plus rules to force HTTPS so it is always used no matter a user types in the browser. Standard setup + any htaccess redirect or IP blocking to protect from hacking for add'l security.
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About This Gig

Never pay for a CERT (SSL Certificate) again!!!

I can save you all the cost of purchasing and the headaches of installing SSL Certificates.

I will setup SSL/HTTPS for your website (domainname.com and www.domainname.com).

Note that if your site is a wordpress site, you must purchase the extra related to that. See the FAQs here for an explanation of why.

See the main graphic for a clear picture of how SSL works. It is further explained in FAQs, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Wordpress site an extra?
    Wordpress requires significant extra work and time to complete. This is due to the design of wordpress itself. The extra work is surrounding download and installation of 1 or more necessary WP plugins for SSL after the main setup that is done for any site has been completed.
  • Can I get SSL in less than 2 days from you?
    I can complete the work for a standard site in an hour or 2 and for a wordpress site in 4-8 hours or less. However, the changes to DNS that go with all this SSL/HTTPS work, require propagation time that can take up to 48 hours to fully resolve across the internet.
  • What if I need more than one domain setup on SSL/HTTPS? Can I get a discount?
    I am open to negotiation on that and will happily create custom gigs if warranted.
  • What is DNS exactly?
    Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet's equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names & translate them to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. This is necessary because, though domain names are easy for people to remember, computers access websites based on IP addresses.
  • What is a NameServer?
    A nameserver is a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet & translates domain names into IP addresses (or vice versa), allowing you to type www.example.com instead of to access your website.
  • What is a Domain Registrar?
    A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain (gTLD) registry and/or a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registry.
  • What is Website Hosting?
    Web Hosting provides space on the Internet for websites. When you make a website and are ready for public viewing, you upload (or publish) those files (via FTP) to a web hosting service. This is the place where your website content is visible to the world.
  • What is ICANN? When I buy a domain name, I see a fee for this.
    ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It has the responsibility for IP address allocation, domain name system management, and other related management functions.
  • What is IANA and how does it relate to ICANN?
    IANA is the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. It is a department of ICANN, and oversees global IP address allocation, autonomous system number allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System (DNS), media types, and other Internet Protocol-related symbols and Internet numbers.
  • What is HTTP vs HTTPS vs SSL vs TLS? So many confusing acronyms!
    HTTP is unencrypted data on the Internet. HTTPS, or HTTP (HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) w/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is encrypted or secure data. TLS is the new name for SSL. SSL's last version is 3.0. TLS 1.0 is "SSL 3.1". TLS now has versions 1.1 & 1.2. We sometimes say "SSL/TLS".