About This Gig

So, you have a radio show or podcast, or perhaps it's a website you have and you'd like to add an enticing & energetic intro to welcome your listeners/viewers, but you've yet to find somebody creative enough to do the job for you. Look no further! I am a professional voice over artist who will record & produce an intro (vocals up to 30 seconds long), for $5.00 (dry)  Please take a look at my extras if you'd like a more dynamic intro.

** The usage of copyrighted material requires a license with BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, or SoundExchange - performance rights organizations that collect royalties for artists.

Dry Voice Over - $5 | 
Produced Voice Over (up to two sound FX, no music) * +$10 | 
Produced Voice Over (with royalty-free music) * +$10 | 
Produced Voice Over (up to three sound FX & music) * +$20 | 
Script Writing (up to 75 words)* +$10 | 
Priority Service (12-24 hours)* +$20 | 

Please note, prices in video are in addition to your $5 order. 

***More Info*** 
For those of you only in need of dry work, the price is simply $5 for 30 seconds of recorded audio (for longer reads, limit [for $5 per 30 sec deal] is 1 1/2 min).

For demos - https://soundcloud.com/mediabyjj