I will publish your article on Health and Fitness Blog

publish your article on Health and Fitness Blog

About This Gig

If you are having a business or freelance writer/blogger within the health, fitness, beauty, lifestyle industry and want to boost your SEO, traffic and online visibility, then this gig is for you. 

Having your article posted to an established blog is one of the best digital marketing moves you can make for your business. This blog has a high social presence, high search rankings and great engagement with secured with HTTPS:// (ask for URL) 

We provide you registration link to post your article as an author.

What this GIG offers as a basic:
2 link within content copy
3 image within content copy (as a featured image) 
Share through social media
2 Youtube video updates

The type of business this GIG would be perfect for;
Health & Fitness
Personal Trainers
Fitness Instructors
Fitness / sporting events and exhibitions
Fitness / sport Clothing
Sports supplements
Beauty Tips
Nutrition Foods
Natural Remedies

We will not publish anything related to adult / porn / outside of healthy living / money scams or affiliated links

Only unique copy is accepted, we will use copyscape to ensure there is no duplicate content