I will tell you how secure your website ISNT

tell you how secure your website ISNT

About This Gig

Will tell you what possible Cross site scripting, cross domain hacks, sql injection, etc is possible with your site. Alert you of common problems.

Hundreds of vulnerabilities scanned for including XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, and common framework/cms vulns or server setups.

Custom report is given in zip file as an HTML report (dynamic html)

Privacy Policy
Your guide will certainly be removed/deleted quickly after shipment. We will certainly not discuss info with 3rd parties!

TOP QUALITY GUARANTEED OR MONEY BACK. If no vulns are discovered, you acquire your cash back, with my praises!

Keep in mind: I will not perform any blackhat activities, DO NOT ASK!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you give me access to a box I don't own?
    No. Don't ask.
  • How can I prove I own the site?
    There are several methods - file uploads, code changes, etc
  • Can I run these on shared hosting?
    The manual scans I perform should not effect a shared environment, but I will generally not run the Extras against shared hosting.