I will proofread your college writing assignments

proofread your college writing assignments

About This Gig

Hey, college students!

Need somebody to look over and edit your paper? Well, I'm the person for the job. For a mere $5, you will get the following:
  • Speedy service
  • A copy of your paper with proofreading comments
  • A completely proofread paper

Before you order, please read the following before you place an order:
  1. Send me a message on Fiverr. I need the following in the invoice: subject (Biology, Writing, History, etc.), the assignment instructions, the paper, and a due date. I will check citations if the assignment calls for it, BUT they must be in the paper already
  2. I will not write your paper for you. It is not my job to write papers for you. It is your responsibility to write the content for your assignment. I will not help you engage in academic dishonesty. My job is to edit the paper and offer suggestions.

Thanks for reading. I look forward your requests. :)

Order Details

14 days delivery