I will give any sort of relationship or parenting advice needed

give any sort of relationship or parenting advice needed

About This Gig

I offer a variety of advice for whatever life throws at you.  I can give religious advice, I can give life advice, I can give relationship advice, I can give parenting advice.  Jack of all trades here.  I also offer U.S. History, European History, World History and U.S. Government tutoring for grades K-12.  I am going for a Bachelors in History with Columbia College so I am well versed in History and can help with most problems that students may have.  When it comes to advice I have frequently given advice to friends and family.  I will hear anything. Nothing is too wild for advice.  Any problem you might have I can give advice to.

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Advice by Jennifer

Advice of all kinds of whatever life throws at you! Nothing too wild to help with!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you been in a relationship to give relationship advice?
    Yes I have. I have two daughters so I must have been in a relationship at some point.
  • Will you give advice on ANYTHING?
    Yes from the weird to the complex. I listen and give advice to it all. I've probably heard it once or twice already so bring it on!
  • Do you enjoy history?
    Yes I love History. It is my strongest subject and always has been. In high school I would take history as electives much to the dismay of my friends.
  • Are you a parent and do you have experience in parenting?
    Yes and yes. I have two daughters 14 and 11. So yes I can even advice on teenagers if anyone has a problem with up and coming teens.
  • What are your hobbies?
    Well besides being a college student and a mother that takes all of my time usually but other than that I am just like you. I enjoy video games, I like to cook and bake, I love The Walking Dead and watch it religiously every Sunday with my daughter.