I will resize any picture

resize any picture
resize any picture
resize any picture
resize any picture

About This Gig

- I can resize any picture or graphic to any size you need, either for your  blog, for your magazine... whatever you need it for.

- I can also crop it to any specific pixel size you desire.

- Image resizing and image croping is essential to make any blog post or any banner stand out!

- I can also decrease the size or the resolution of a picture, heavy files can really be a pain as it would make your website go slower, it´s essential to optimize your pictures in order to quickly load your website.

- I can also provide you your picture in any of the following file formats JPEG, RAW, PNG, PSD ( Photoshop), BMP, TIFF,



Just mind that some file format might not be recommended depending on the size of your picture. I will always guide you regarding what is the best for your picture. Also please consider low resolution pictures might be limited as it´s not recommended to save a small picture in some file formats.

If you need a specific size for your website I would recommend to check with your website programmer or your website builder to make sure you know which size you need

If you have any doubt please feel free to contact me