I will assist you with your book from start to finish

assist you with your book from start to finish
assist you with your book from start to finish

About This Gig

This gig is everything and the "kitchen sink."  In other words, this is all my gigs wrapped up into one big pretty gig. (This is for documents up to 30k words.  Use the dropdown for larger documents.)

Send me your book manuscript and I will:

1) Beta read it and make suggestions on plot, characters, tone, and pacing. I will provide you with a detailed honest summary report.

2) I will thoroughly proofread it and send you a redlined version of your manuscript.

3) After you return your manuscript to me with your acceptance/rejection of my suggested changes and revisions, I will proof it one more time if you've made any major revisions. (If you need more revisions, it is an extra gig.  2 revisions(original + 1) comes with this gig.)

4) I will format your manuscript for an ebook and a paperback. (Linking TOC and external links is an extra minimal charge.)

5) I will provide you with step-by-step instructions about how to upload and publish on CreateSpace and/or Amazon.

6) Send me the link to your published book and I will post a review on my blog and Goodreads.  (Amazon prohibits "buying" reviews so we might not want to post a review there.)  

Don't Delay! Your Readers are Waiting!


Order Details

Everything and The Kitchen Sink

Help you with your book from start to finish - Delivery time is to complete everything listed

25 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you proof nonfiction?
    Yes, I proof and edit nonfiction and fiction.