I will accurately transcribe your audio

accurately transcribe your audio
accurately transcribe your audio

About This Gig


Welcome to my page. I believe you've tried to shop around for an outstanding transcriptionist for your job. Let's just say, you've reached home. For $5, I will transcribe your 5-mins or less audio accurately and professionally.Need more than 5 minutes transcribed? Inbox me.

My 100% review shows my dedication to delivering an error-free transcript. Most of my clients are now personal friends and there's a certain joy in that. 

In case you have a question regarding my gig please inbox me. I will always respond in the shortest time possible 


  • I will transcribe anything. From TEDTalks, meetings, seminars, speeches, focus groups, podcasts etc. Please ensure your audio is CLEAR.
  • I transcribe in clean verbatim style. Filler words such as ''um'', ''ah'', ''hmmm'' etc. are edited out.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed!!!

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