I will type anything on vintage typewriter

Quick, high attention to detail, and extremely friendly! This was everything I asked for!
Reviewed by wwboynton 5 months ago
Again, awesome
Reviewed by sandyrmci 11 months ago
Lovely, quick and accommodating. Already planning our next collaboration
Reviewed by sandyrmci 11 months ago
Joanna, you rock. These looks great! Highly recommend anyone wanting to get something typed up on a vintage typewriter. Looks amazing.
Reviewed by jimmymorrissey about 1 year ago
It was a job very well done! Many thanks, and I'd definitely hire again if the need arises. :)
Reviewed by anniex0r about 1 year ago
They look great! Thank you. :)
Reviewed by anniex0r about 1 year ago
type anything on vintage typewriter

About This Gig

We all know what it's like trying to find something uncommon.The truth is, it isn't always easy to come up with a unique gift to give that special someone, or something interesting to decorate the walls. However, a visit to the past is a priceless adventure that can't be compared to.

With my real vintage typewriter, I will:

  • Type your short story, poem, or other piece of literature
  • Give you a guaranteed genuine vintage look
  • Use any requested format
  • Type on a beautiful, thick paper
  • Offer an optional extra of a  different leaf-infused paper, typing on the envelope, and more

For $5 I will type up to 800 words. For more words, please multiply the order accordingly:
$5: 1-800 words
$10: 801-1600 words
$15: 1601-2400 words
  • For orders over 2400 words, please contact me about pricing.

Anyone can enjoy the pleasure this uncommon piece brings. Make the decision to delight someone with this gift. You are bound to be praised for your vintage style, and that special person will thank you for the memorable gift! 

Order Details

6 days delivery 1 Revision

Type your literature

I will type an 800 word paper for you (expect occasional errors with white-out)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What features does a typewriter have/not have?
    All English letters; capital and lowercase, as well as numbers 0-9 ( the 1 is typed with a capital i ). Any accent marks must be hand written. Italics are not available, and I will instead use underlining. Bold print is also not available, but can be achieved through typing over text several times.
  • What characters does a typewriter not have?
    My typewriter includes all characters found on the English keyboard except the following: Back/forward apostrophes and quotation marks (All are straight up and down) Backslash \ Braces { } Brackets [ ] Equal sign = Greater/less than < > Pipe | Plus sign + Tilde ~
  • What kind of paper do you use?
    I use Southworth 100% cotton ivory resume paper. I also offer an extra of beautiful leaf-infused paper. If you would like something else, please let me know.