I will give you notes for 10 pages of your script in Spanish

give you notes for 10 pages of your script in Spanish

About This Gig

*** Only to screenplays in Spanish. ***

Writing is a free and almost always solitary task. But if you intend to put your script in the professional hands and aspire to see it produced, it will be useful to have before you with external feedback, which allows you to assess your right guess and identify weak points.

What will I give you?

For a (01) Gig, I will review 10 pages of your script of short or feature film, and I will return it in PDF format, with comments. Confidentiality guaranteed.

- For more pages, you can send me a message and get a personalized offer.

What do the notes usually include?

• Observations
      - Format
      - Style
         - introduction and development of characters
         - presentation of objectives and conflicts
         - description of the action
         - fluency and timeliness of dialogues
         - presentation of subject and environment

• Alerts
      - confusing punctuation or syntax
      - unnecessary repetitions
      - content without audiovisual translation
      - non-structural elements

• Correction of basic aspects
      - spelling mistakes
      - passive voices
      - inadequate tenses