I will give you 10 SONGS of my royalty free music

give you 10 SONGS of my royalty free music

About This Gig

10 pieces of my original royalty free music. Stock, Hip Hop, Film Music.   Unlike My Competitors, You'll receive the highest quality sounds without purchasing extra.

  • Signed document stating you have full right to use my songs in your projects
  • Exclusive rights to any song forever

  Listen to a Sample of the songs here:  https://youtu.be/VdjenYbauO0

You're free to use my music unlimited times in personal/for profit client projects without having to pay additional royalties/fees.

  1. A Guitar Beat: 3:18
  2. Dinosaur for the Kids: 2:44
  3. Tears For Fun: 1:57
  4. Sensual Albeit: 4:29
  5. Em Beat: 3:27
  6. Just Give It Up Already: 4:30
  7. Fight Music: 3:39
  8. Destroy Sound: :50
  9. Dre Made Me Do: 4:04
  10. Hindu It Up:   3:51