I will animate your tagline or catchphrase

animate your tagline or catchphrase

About This Gig

Have you ever wanted to have your company's tagline or a catchphrase animated? Well you've stumbled upon the right gig! For only $5 I will create what they call kinetic typography from your tagline or catchphrase (6 words or less) to make it animated and lively, pretty much like a lyric video/lyrical music video. 

Now with the that being being said: the animation will follow whatever your tag says. So as in my tagline: "making the world smile" all the words are rounded to represent the world and the word smile is curved in a toothy smile. I use that as part of my outro all my current videos. 

Also, let's say you don't have a tagline or catchy phrase, and you don't want any flashy text. We what I will do is animate 30 seconds for you for $5. How do you determine the length? Either record it yourself, or estimate by the words on your script. Typically a page of script is a minute, so half a page would be thirty seconds.