I will resynthesize your favourite synth sound patch

resynthesize your favourite synth sound patch

About This Gig

Do you want to recreate your favourite synth sound? Contact me if you'd like expert advice on resynthesis and sound reconstruction of an existing synth sound. Save hours of trial and error and get fast results. Simply provide a link or sample of the audio that is of interest, and I will analyze and reprogram it. Advice may include but not limited to methods of Subtractive Synthesis, Additive Synthesis, FM, Wavetable, Spectral and Granular Synthesis. You will get:

  1. A tailored Synth Recipe (PDF), with common Synth Parameters and Effects to reprogram with your own synths.
  2. Additional advice for approaching this sound and recommendations.
  3. An audio demo of the patch (Premium Extra).
  4. Spectrum Analysis Images & Absynth 5 Preset (Premium Extra)

If you have any questions please see the FAQ or get in touch!


Order Details

3 days delivery

Resynthesis Patch

Includes Patch analysis and PDF print out of recommended synth parameters for Resynthesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Recipe a sound-alike?
    The Recipe will give you essential information for approaching the synth patch and can be very accurate. The Parameters included are applicable to most synthesizers (e.g. Osc Shape, Filter Type, ...), so there will be freedom to attempt with many tools. The Recipe will include some recommendations.
  • What synthesizers do you specialize in?
    In my ongoing experience, Native Instruments Absynth 5 is the most versatile and neutral soft synthesizers, featuring several synthesis methods in one. This means that my synth advice may include many methods of synthesis, beyond traditional Analog or VA techniques. I'm familiar with NI products.