I will clean up, edit and make your audio file sound excellent

clean up, edit and make your audio file sound excellent
clean up, edit and make your audio file sound excellent

About This Gig

I am a professional audio engineer and can assist with anything audio related.

This gig is for any sort of audio editing such as enhancing audio quality, removing clicks or mistakes, adjusting for a consistent volume, adding effects, reducing background noise and echo, or anything else you might need. This could be for podcasts, music, audiobooks, videos, etc. 

Since all projects are unique, I encourage you to send me a message first so we can be sure I am able to help. I aim to provide honest advice. Some issues simply cannot be fixed, but I will be happy to provide a detailed explanation and even a short demo of what we can do. 

This gig is for up to 4 minutes of audio, please order additional as required. For large projects, please contact first to ensure I can deliver on time or provide a discount! 

This gig can be used for video audio as well. If you would like me to send back a video file (rather than audio file) please select the gig extra.

If you need audio mixed or combined (ie; adding a voice clip over a music clip) please choose the mix extra!

Order Details

4 Minutes of Audio

I will edit up to 4 minutes of audio

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How well does noise removal work?
    How well noise removal works depends on a few things, especially the volume and characteristic of the noise. Low volume, consistent background sounds like a fan spinning are easiest to remove. Loud sounds that mask the audio to be restored are difficult or impossible to remove.
  • Can you work with video?
    Yes, I can work with video! There is no extra charge to work with video if you only want me to return the audio file to you. If you'd like me to put the edited audio back into your video, and send you the new video file, please choose the appropriate gig extra.
  • Is there any content or subject matter you will not work with?
    I will work with any subject matter be it offensive, explicit, etc.
  • Can you provide a sample?
    Yes, in most cases I can provide a free sample to give you an idea of what sort of results you can expect!
  • What can't you do?
    When it comes to audio that is recorded very poorly or severely damaged, there may be nothing we can do. I aim to provide honest advice and will tell you if it's not worth your money to proceed with an order.
  • Do I Need The Mix Extra?
    You only need the mix extra if you need multiple files layered/combined. This would include assembling audio from multiple files, combining voice and music, etc. Please message for more details!
  • Do I Need Mastering?
    It depends on the project! Mastering provides a full, consistent sound and is essential to a professional sounding product. This service could include enhancing a single voiceover file, or, the entire finished product of a video. Please message to find out if you should choose mastering or not!