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A comprehensive guidebook to help save your nonprofit from going under for good!

When a person is drowning, panicked and flailing about, they will literally grasp at anything to keep their head above water –including their rescuer. This can be a precarious position for the lifesaver, and he or she must approach the victim with caution, lest they both be sucked under and perish together. 

Often a nonprofit -like a drowning victim, will try anything to stay afloat– but will end up sinking anyway. Sometimes, it’s best to stop fighting, relax, grab onto the hand that’s being thrust in your direction, and let it pull you back to shore.

That’s what this book is designed to do. Think of it as your nonprofit rescue buoy. All you need to do is grab hold, do what you’re instructed, and in no time, you’ll be back on solid ground.

 This 48-page ebook is chocked full of great ideas, worksheets, tools and resources you'll likely not find elsewhere. Get your copy today!

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