I will guide your meditation via Skype

guide your meditation via Skype

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  A quick escape from your day! Better than a smoke break! A life-changing daily habit!
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About This Gig

Do you meditate?
Are you ready to give it a try?
Would you like to establish a daily habit?

If you're attracted to the idea of meditation and want to feel its effects in your life, you need to establish a steady pattern of success. Nothing helps you create firm habits better than committing to meet another person at a set time each day.

I'll help you start small and stay on the cushion with timely tips, earnest advice, and an inspiring attitude.

We'll set up a meeting time that suits us both (I'm in the EST time zone) and create a no-judgement space for you to relax, enjoy yourself, and explore your body/mind.

Buy 6 days and get the 7th free!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a cushion? An altar? A sacred grove? A mountaintop retreat?
    Of course not! :) You can meditate anywhere – and I hope you do! My clients meditate at their desks, on park benches during their lunch breaks, and in their vehicles.
  • Do I have to follow a certain religion? Is meditation part of any religion?
    Practitioners of all major world religions (and most of the little ones) meditate, each in their own way. In fact, meditation (silent prayer) brings together people of many faiths! For example, it's not at all uncommon for Catholic monks and nuns to meditate in Zen Buddhist temples.