I will produce your vocals professionally

produce your vocals professionally

About This Gig

Hey guys! I really appreciate you checking out my gig. I will professionally produce your vocals, which means, compression, EQ, reverb, effects, automation, tuning, and extra bells and whistles your production might need. For $5 i'll give a basic production of 10 seconds of audio. If you're looking for a more in depth production with revisions, a full track (more time), layering your voice (including any harmonies), and just an over all more in depth production, check out my other gig packages. It is a time consuming job for because I really put my heart into it to make sure its perfect sonically, so if you need it expedited be sure to order it express! 

Additionally, I can do vocal production on not just songs but voice overs and any other vocal work as well. If you need more than just vocal production and are looking for mixing, mastering, and production on an entire song, message me for more details. Again, thank you and talk soon!!