I will create for you a personal human design for $5

create for you a personal human design
create for you a personal human design

About This Gig

Human Design is a practical science that can be verified and applied practically. When you receive your knowledge of strategy and authority for making the right decisions, the most important thing is to start experimenting with them. This will change your life. You will have the opportunity to experience its uniqueness and to reach satisfaction, health, success and a sense of peace.

I will do individual Human Design.

Human Design:

  1. Detects and highlights your individual characteristics, as well as what you moving forward.
  2. Describes the types of people who work well and types of your environment in which you manage to give the best of yourself.
  3. Reveals your true deep regards natural set, preferences, personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and internal chemistry.
  4. Explains how you can make decisions that promote happiness and satisfaction you.

Will improve your relationship with yourself, your partner, friends, parents, siblings, peers and superiors, all influenced by the strength of this system. Using Human Design become more efficient and responsive to parents, friends, colleagues and loved.

Order your Human Design for only $ 5.