I will professionally mix your music

professionally mix your music

About This Gig

For only 5$ I will mix your two track song (1 stereo OR mono instrument track, and 1 mono vocal track) with the same equipment I use for all mixing projects; EQ, compression, tape emulation, reverbs, delay etc. Of course I will also make the necessary level adjustments to optimise the listening experience.

There's no extra charge depending on which plugins I use; it's all included! The limitation is the amount of separate tracks you deliver. 

I will also make a "quick master" of your songs which makes the songs release ready up on delivery!

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Get your song release ready

I will mix and master your multitrack song and deliver a release ready file.

  • 1 Song
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • HQ Audio File