I will draw you cool coloring page for your kid

He created exactly what I needed. I can't ask for more! VERY satisfied and will use him again.
Reviewed by kminhlan 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sabbyxox 9 months ago
This exceeded my expectations! Johannan included details that really added to the drawing that I would have never thought of. For example, the side view of the car included solid black tires, but when you look at the top view, you see the tread on them. I love it! I will use Johannan again.
Reviewed by sherryss1 11 months ago
outstanding, thank you!
Reviewed by stationrystudio 11 months ago
excellent and pleasure to work with. thank you!
Reviewed by stationrystudio 12 months ago
I needed coloring pages of views from backcountry trails. Maybe an odd request but we had good communication, a talented artist and as a result a happy customer!
Reviewed by darrbiz 12 months ago
Fantastic work!!
Reviewed by danandjenny about 1 year ago
Wonderful! Thank you so much.
Reviewed by jenniseco over 1 year ago
Excellent work exactly as requested! Will be back! :)
Reviewed by girl77 over 1 year ago
exactly what i wanted.. thanks
Reviewed by whitneythursten over 2 years ago
Reviewed by faigunz over 2 years ago
Great work as always!
Reviewed by julianberg almost 3 years ago
Excellent work! fast delivery!
Reviewed by julianberg almost 3 years ago
Reviewed by texasgirl2013 almost 3 years ago
Great job, Johannan! Quick and just as I ordered! Thanks!
Reviewed by mstephany about 3 years ago
Just what I wanted! Great to work with!
Reviewed by alabamapamela over 3 years ago
draw you cool coloring page for your kid

About This Gig

Hi all, if your kid just love superheroes, dragons, dinosaurs, knights, princess, unicorns etc... than why don't order custom made coloring pages.  In this gig one character is included. Backgrounds (like castles, vulcan landscape etc.) are done by choosing Extra order of this same gig. The artwork on coloring page will be yours and yours only, not sold anywhere else. For more characters please place two orders (5$+5$)
Note: I reserve the right not to do illustrations I consider of inappropriate content (occult, explicit erotic, extreme violence, etc.) 

Once you have your order delivered if you really, really, reaaalllly like it you can, without obligation, check out my tip Gig on http://fiverr.com/johannan/be-happy-to-receive-your-tip-for-job-well-done