I will sell U 2000 Niche Verified Emails for Make Money Online

sell U 2000 Niche Verified Emails for Make Money Online

About This Gig

You Get  2000 Scraped, Scrubbed & Verified emails for the Niche'  - Make Money On-line - MLM (Emails Only)

I have Scraped Niche emails based on custom websites & keywords for "Make Money On-line", "MLM" targeted emails

Each list  (Emails ONLY) includes:
- duplicates removed ( 2000 unique emails)
- scrubbed against spam trap & Litigator suppression lists
- scrubbed against 10 role account suppression lists
- all emails verified and confirmed Verified (bounces removed).
- each list is only sold once.

I run batches of 100k emails, split them up into 2k lists and sell here.
I ONLY sell one list ONCE.

Lists are no more than 1-2 days old; I have them ready to go.
Once I see your order I will ship it asap, it says 2 days, but expect it within minutes during business hours.

I have had many Data Hygiene customers asking for existing lists for sale. I never sell clients list, but i have decided to try this out for clients needing lists NOW.

Success Rate of mailing: I can guarantee my lists are clean & targeted, success of clicks and conversions is up to you, please don't complain if no one buys your product!

This gig is intended for research purposes; please don't use for spam.