I will create, edit, or format Anki flashcards for you


About This Gig

The spaced repetition method of memorization is the most efficient way to remember facts. 

The Anki flashcard app utilizes this system

If you don't want to spend a lot of time building decks for the subjects you want to learn 

Let me build them for you

- I can create sets of flashcards related to any subject material you send me.

- I can edit any of the available free decks to your liking

- The cards are fully customizable after they have been made, so you can change them or add more as you see fit. 

- If you aren't satisfied with the deck, just let me know what you would like changed and i will accommodate for free.

Please message me for the best rates for your project.

Download the program so I can help you get the knowledge you want FAST (google search "Anki flashcards"). Look at the attached pdf to learn more about this amazing app.

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