I will be the voice you have been needing

be the voice you have been needing
be the voice you have been needing

About This Gig

Hi I’m John and thank you for having a look at my gig.

 I’m a UK based Professional Voice Over artist and Voice Actor.

If your not sure what sort of voice you need for your project then I'll be more than happy to have a chat and see if we can find the perfect sound for you.

Im a voice-over thats been working in radio and TV for many years.

I have done work for: McDonald's, Toyota, TV stations around the world, Pirate FM, Big FM  Njoy radio to name just a few.

  • 100 words = 1 gig
  • 101 words = 2 gigs
  • 201 words = 3 gigs
  • 301 words = 4 gigs
  • 401 words = 5 gigs

I can and will do voices for....(some gigs will require gig extras please see below).

  • TV, For Video
  • YouTube Video 
  • Voiceover
  • Online projects
  • Phone greetings
  • On hold Message
  • Radio Commercials
  • Internet Programs 
  • personnel projects
  • Business Training tutorials
  • Narration
  • Internet Product launch
  • Websites welcome pages
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Radio Advertising
  • Commercials
  • Radio 

I've been on Fiverr for some time and I'm a trusted level 2 seller with a full 5 star rating.

Have a look on youtube, just search my name and you'll fine a short video with just a
 FEW of the voices I can do.

I look forward to talking for you soon