I will give YOU Advice on History

give YOU Advice on History

About This Gig

Hi, I'm John and I want to give YOU, yes YOU!!! history advice. You may be thinking to yourself, who is this guy? What does he know? I will tell you. I graduated from both a community college and university and received degrees in history from both schools. I love history, so I figured I could make some extra money using this knowledge and experience in this subject to give advice to you that request it. I also have learned history from more than just school, I have learned from documentaries, movies, peer-reviewed academic articles, books, Youtube videos, and even primary sources. It is easy to tell just from the description that I enjoy history very much. So, let me know what history advice you want me to give you. Let me give you an example: i.e. "I don't know which history course/class to pick between A and B?", my response: "I would go with B because of such and such reasons." See, simple enough.

Rules (Keep in mind these are the main ones and they are subject to change)
-Don't be rude or unpleasant, because I will cancel on you if you do.
- Remember this is advice, not tutoring.
- You write to me up to 100 words asking advice.
- I write back with no more than 100 words per gig.

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