About This Gig

Have Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen wish your favorite person a Happy Birthday, A Special Greeting or Best Wishes Direct From The Trailer Park! Jolene Sugarbaker is host of The Award Winning : The Trailer Park Cooking Show! Video will be up to 1 minute (120 words): Jolene will not say Potty Mouth Words/Vulgar Words, Unflattering Sayings. You can have Jolene use her own style and use hints you provide, or she'll read verbatim from a script you provide. You will get a .WMV file in your Fiverr Mailbox! Need something else? Like a Commercial? Write Me Before! Not for Adult Topics,/Websites/Businesses/Products. I will not say I use your product, or recommend your product. I cannot say Trademarked or Brand Names unless you have written proof that you may use them!...... If you're a business, you must check out my Extra Gigs! I pride myself on clean greetings here on Fiverr.com, can't wait to do yours!