I will give personalised advice on any parenting question

give personalised advice on any parenting question

About This Gig

I'm a mum of 3 and have 15+ years’ experience working with children as a teacher, preschool assistant, in-home carer, after school program coordinator, in childcare & vacation care. I can offer a wealth of advice.

Infants/Young Children. As a mum/someone who's worked with young children, I can give advice on a range of issues from crying newborns to potty training & more.

Nursing. I breastfed all my children for 12+ months through a range of issues. I can offer advice to help you through your breastfeeding issues.

School-aged Children. I can help with behaviour management, chores & more. As a teacher I can give advice on academic problem areas or provide curriculum ideas for homeschoolers.

Autism/Asperger’s. Have children with ASD & need advice? I have children with ASD, have worked with children with ASD & completed several courses on Autism.

Divorce/Step-families. As a child of divorce who experienced adjusting to a step-family I can give a child's-eye view.

On a Budget. I’m the queen of thrifty. Ask me how you can live on a budget with children, inc. cheap themed parties & school holiday fun.

Activity Ideas. I have plenty I can share for all ages!

Max. 3 questions per gig

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