I will create a detailed high quality vector portrait

create a detailed high quality vector portrait
create a detailed high quality vector portrait
create a detailed high quality vector portrait

About This Gig

I will create, from a photograph a detailed, realistic vector portrait. I will be hand drawing your image using Adobe Illustrator and a wacom drawing tablet. I am not simply applying a filter to your photo,so I am able to customise your portrait and create something you will be truly happy with!

I will only take one gig at a time as I want to create something detailed and of high quality so will put all of my focus into your work. I don't offer a basic or premium, as I put maximum effort into all my drawings, but you can purchase things like background, extra figures or to have original vector file as gig extras.

Please note that I can only create a great portrait from a good quality photograph.The photo needs to be clear and detailed, not blurry and with good lighting. There needs to be enough contrast to bring out features of the face which can't be obscured. I can only draw from what I am given, so please find the best possible photo for me, and if you are unsure, please ask!

I will only do human portraits, no pets or animals and no cartoons or caricatures. I can customise the work but please ask before submitting.

I will supply a PNG file, but can send JPEG or PDF as alternative.

Order Details

Single portrait, head + upper body

A head/upper body portrait with transparent background. PNG High Resolution.

  • High Resolution
  • Color
  • 1 Figure
7 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you draw someone else next to me?
    Yes, please select the option for extra figures in the gig extras section.
  • Can you draw extra items in for me?
    I can draw in extras, change things in the original image and customise the drawing. If you require some customisation to your work, minor changes are OK, and I would include that within the price.For larger redesigns of the original I would ask you purchase the gig extra. Please contact me first!
  • My photo is a bit blurry, can you draw from a description instead?
    No, I'm afraid I can only draw from a high quality photo, so you will need to send me the best photo you can find. The more detailed the photo, the better the final result will be. I can't draw the detail if the detail isn't there in the original image. If you are unsure, please get in touch.
  • What kind of background can I have?
    The background has to be "reasonable" for the turnaround time. The background can be simple colours, patterns or scenery, but will be less detailed than the portrait, as that is the focus. Recreating the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the background would be a "bit much" but please ask!
  • What can I do with the portrait?
    The portrait I will provide will be for "personal" and non commercial use.If you would like to use the image commercially, you will have to buy the licence as a gig extra.
  • Can you draw me a preliminary sketch before I purchase?
    Unfortunately, I won't be able to give a preliminary sketch, but you can have one revision, so if you are not happy with the image, I can make adjustments. This doesn't include a re-draw, but minor changes only. I am happy to discuss beforehand your requirements so don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • I've seen an image on Google that I would like my image to look like, can you copy it?
    I can use other images to create a "collage" to work from, for example, changing your clothing or pose, or putting you in a "scene". Please tell me what you want and show me any reference (Google) images you would like me to see, to get an idea of what you want from your image.