I will teach you how and where to 3D print stuff

teach you how and where to 3D print stuff
teach you how and where to 3D print stuff

About This Gig

The world needs makers, builders and designers! Your ideas could really change the world. With some really cool ideas, a modification of some 'thing' that exists, or even a new spin on an old object, the world of rapid prototyping has opened doors for the everyday thinker/tinkerer to bring his or her ideas to market.

Let me show you how to take your ideas, model them, prototype them, and sell them online! Take my online course for only $5! I'll give you lifetime access to all the lectures and materials.

In this course we will look at how to design and create real 3D printed objects and designs. The course material is based on the fastest developing trend in technology "3D Printing". This is a course in bringing those designs to life, and to market!

The lectures in this course will provide you with the background knowledge you need to design in 3D covering skills like; modeling, meshing, extruding, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and more. All of the materials in this course are based on developing real-world experience in designing printable products and selling them online.

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