I will security Assess your Wordpress site

security Assess your Wordpress site

About This Gig

As part of this package I will carry out a vulnerability assessment against your Wordpress site using only the most up to date hacking methods and techniques.  Rest assured I am extremely well qualified and capable, possessing the most sought after industry approved penetration testing certifications, Certified Ethical Hacker and GIAC Penetration Tester.  You will not find a better qualified penetration tester on Fiverr.

Customers and visitors to your site will not notice my presence, and there will be no adverse affects to your site. I can guarantee you will be satisfied with my work, or you money back. 

As part of the engagement I will test for all known vulnerabilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Injection Attacks
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Weak Authentication and Session Management
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Security Misconfiguration

Once the vulnerability assessment has been completed I will present my findings to you in an easy to understand report which includes advise on fixing the security holes.  You can then rest assured that findings are then securely wiped from my system and will not end up in the wrong hands. 

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