I will be Your Vegan Nutritionist

be Your Vegan Nutritionist

About This Gig

So your diet does not seem to be working as you expected, or it is NOT WORKING at any level AT ALL?  

Hello then my friend, I am a complete Health & Fitness Professional "Therapist and Nutritionist plus+ Fitness Leader" with 15 years of experience and plenty satisfied clients who are now my friends.

In this awesome offer I will take your hands and feet by the basis of your diet, as everybody should know: your Diet is the 80% of your success, what you eat is what you will get for your life, for your well-being, for your precious goals,


Ask me up to 10 queries about your diet for a $5 gig only.


...for an extra $5 you can also send me your diet together with the goals you want to achieve, then I will proceed to deliver the best professional advice and solution that will get you out of stuck, put you in the right path in no time, I  can help you save money with your diet too by replacing some components of it or taken the basic and most powerful ones, or suggeste better cheaper and options, only at Fiverr.com!

Remember my friend, any goal requires effort and getting the right help will always save time and money asking your queries is key to advance, the choice is always yours.