I will deliver sound effects for radio and podcasts

Everything perfect like every time , thanks again !!!!
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deliver sound effects for radio and podcasts

About This Gig

I will give you these powerful effect libraries:

Basic Gig: First package 5$:

This will include the well known library Killer Hertz Volume 1-4. This is a dreams for every radio producer/host/podcast/sound-engineer. With effects, drones, pads and smashes this still is one of the greatest libraries that ever been done! Including over 350 effects total!

With this I have included the cool effect library Resfaction from Pedro Cintra Productions. This package includes Volume 2007-2010 with over 150 effect total!

Second package 5$ + Basic Gig.

This package includes 16 different releases from Air Media. All together over 1000 effects, drones, sweepers, pads and beds. You should definitely grab this one!

Third package 10$ + Basic Gig.

This one is a really special and unique one. From one of the best online libraries in our time: Imagio. This includes around 800 effects, sweepers, promos and 800 beds. If you love imaging radio or produce anything with sound, this is the one to get. I can promise you that you wont regret it!