I will proofread your work until it is absolutely perfect

proofread your work until it is absolutely perfect

About This Gig

When it comes to spelling and grammar, I am obsessive. It might sound strange, but I truly get a great pleasure from going through a piece of work full of mistakes and fixing them. Maybe I have some kind of mental issue, I don't know...

I have an unrivaled eye for detail, and I'll identify every single spelling and grammatical mistake in your work. Not only that, but I am an expert in writing my own pieces, and an obsessive and informed reader. This means that I will also be able to assess how well your work flows, how good the structure is, and the extent to which it appeals to your target audience. 

All this, and I also work extremely quickly. I will always, always return your work to you within 24 hours

Make the smart choice. Choose me to proofread your work. I won't stop working for you until your writing is absolutely perfect; that's a promise

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2 days delivery 3 Revisions

Proofreading absolutely anything

Proofreading your work for spelling, grammar, structure and flow

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