I will review and verify your tax return for tax savings

review and verify your tax return for tax savings

About This Gig

I will review and verify your tax return for:

  • tax saving opportunities
  • Any missed credits or deductions
  • Any other errors
  • Over or under reported income/deductions

Whether you filed your own tax return or had someone prepare your tax return, errors or missed tax savings are common in tax preparation. My gig is to provide you with the the peace of mind that dollars weren't left on the table! 

*gig is for individual with Form 1040 filing and Sch A. Please see gig extras for any additional schedules. If unsure please request custom quote. For businesses please request custom quote.

Benefits of Gig

  • your tax return will be reviewed by a CPA who has prepared and filed thousands of tax returns
  • You will have a 2nd opinion of a tax professional
  • You will have peace of mind that you filed your tax return correctly and got the most money or paid least amount of tax
  • If errors or missed opportunities are found you will have a chance to revise/amend your tax return

What's Next if Errors or Tax Savings are Found

You may request a quote to revise/amend your Tax Return
Please note this is not included with this gig 

Thank you all for looking at my gig. I look forward to helping you with your taxes!

Order Details

3 days delivery
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this gig gaurantee that any tax savings or errors will be found?
    While there are a lot of common errors in tax preparation some tax returns will not produce additional tax savings or there may not be any errors. This gig will give you that assurance!
  • Is my personal information safe & secure, like my social security number?
    Yes, I am a licensed CPA and follow the AICPA's highest standards. I have prepared thousands of tax returns with an intention to help people. All information is safe and secure.