I will edit the first 5 pages of your term paper

edit the first 5 pages of your term paper

About This Gig

I am a trained professional copy editor.  I will look for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation in the first 5 pages (1,250 words) of your manuscript.  I will also make sure that your paper reads well.  I will rearrange sentence structure and even paragraph structure, if necessary to improve flow.  

The first pages are the most important because they will be your first impression to your readers.  Readers will make judgements about you and the rest of your work based on how well the first pages are written. 

Essays, research papers, blog articles, news articles, fiction, non-fiction and even books are welcome!  I do not do fact checking unless something jumps out at me as suspicious.  Your research is your own, but having an editor go over it can make it sound much more professional.  

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