I will teach you how to be a radio dj TODAY

teach you how to be a radio dj TODAY
teach you how to be a radio dj TODAY

About This Gig

Wanna be a Radio DJ? Maybe cut a demo and send it in to your local station? Finally land that gig you've always dreamed of?

Hey, I'm Josh McLellan, and for 10 years, I've been on the radio, learning, helping, and teaching others the fundamental basics and need to know facts on how to make a gig in the radio biz a successful one.

Radio industry background:
Radio DJ - 10 years
Radio Production - Commercial & Imaging Producer -9 years
Radio Promotions

For $5 and only here on Fiverr, I will teach you the basics of being a Radio DJ ASAP! (24 hour turn around rate)

You will receive a "How To" package which will include many important need to know basics like:

  • Formatics
  • How to do a 'break', 'intro', 'tease' etc
  • Radio terminology
  • Do's and Don'ts (VERY IMPORTANT)

This all comes in an easy to follow document with lots of examples and photos to help you on your way.

If you would prefer your tutorial in video form instead of text, Please check out the Gig Extras at the bottom.

If you're interesting in a tutorial on Radio Production, please see the Gig Extras.

Check out my audio demo here: