I will create a sweet pitch deck for you

create a sweet pitch deck for you
create a sweet pitch deck for you
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Description Basic Deck with Standard Template Customized Deck Supper Awesome Deal-O-Rama Deck
  I will take a generic ppt that you provide and put it into my standard template. I will send you examples of 3 different templates for you to choose from then put your content in. I will give you 10 templates to choose from and provide unlimited revisions.
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About This Gig

I have been there.  You want to kill during the pitch but your deck looks like it was made by a high school kid. I learned to craft some sweet ppts that will make you look good despite how made up your financial projections are. No letters zooming in with car screeching sound effects here just high quality graphics crafted to your content. I am into the less is more idea with the thought that a pitch deck is just a visual guidepost to your verbal presentation.  Let me help make you and your presentation shine. I can do it as a powerpoint or google slide show.

What I offer is to take either your current slides or your draft and put it onto one of several templates I have. Why should you pick me?

1. I have done this before.  I have stood in front of hundreds of people at pitch competitions and sat across from angel investors one on one. Being embarrassed by the quality of my slides led me to get into this side gig.
2. My deck templates look awesome.
3. I will provide you with extra template pages for you to add if you want. I will put your pitch into the deck as an awesome finished product and then give you oodles of extra template slides for you to keep if you want to use in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you speak English?
    I am wery good at de speaking of de english. I have much many experiences in America!
  • If your decks are so good why didn't you get investors?
    Look I said my decks are awesome not my ideas. Ultimately, if your business idea is stupid you aren't going to get an investor. I did win some of the pitch competitions though.
  • What is your favorite Paw Patrol charater?
    I am a big fan of Tractor personally but they are all great examples of heroic canines.