I will help you to improve your online course

help you to improve your online course
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About This Gig

Making an online course that matters for your learners is a difficult task and challenges you to give all your expertise. A good way to check that everything is alright and your course is ready to sell is to give your course a test. Here is where I can help you.

With this gig, I can look at all your content or your course and give you a honest review of it.

The basic service includes a complete walkthrough of all the materials of your course and publish an honest review on the platform the course is hosted.


- A free voucher for the course will be given if the course requires a payment.

- The basic gig will be provided in three days. If you need it to be done faster, pick the quick delivery extra. Each extra has an additional time required to be done.

- Basic gig includes a full in-depth view of all the videos up to 2 hours maximum. If your course requires more time, please add an extra basic gig for every additional 2 hours.

- The reviews are completely honest. You can decide if you wish to publish the review or not. The delivery you will receive will include the rating and the review of the course.

- Please refer to the extras for more opportunities to improve your course.

Order Details

3 days delivery