I will recommend ways to revive your old 1998 model PC

recommend ways to revive your old 1998 model PC

About This Gig

So you have an old PC in your garage? And wanna make it still useful?

Well no problem! What we will do is that i will be helping you and monitoring each step to make that old PC still useful and recommend you what to install including setting it up with a recommended OS (operating system) from start to finish.

Plus all those apps and tweakings i will be recommending to make it faster or even to outperform some of today's PCs. Sounds impossible? Well i have done it with 5 PCs dating as back as 2001 model PCs and have it run even faster than today's PCs. 

Well it was trough constant research and time and effort and experience as well just to find the right combinations of softwares. 

Well of course you will not pay me unless we can make it work. 

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