I will send your Friends or familysome Love from you

send your Friends or familysome Love from you

About This Gig

Remember last year the person who was selling the ability to send your enemies some hate ( glitter filled envelopes )?? Well i saw this and thought what if we could do the opposite and promote random acts of kindness and send people amazing gifts and personalized notes to remind them that we love and or care about them?? 

If your still with me here we go. I am please to announce that I have partnered with a local, famous  jewelry designer Lisa Hallow ( Cher and Madonna both wore some of her pieces in the 80's ) to bring people the opportunity to send a gift as well as a hand written note VIA mail to people. 

For as little as 5$ you can send some one encouragement, a smile, and something they can wear to remember someone cares about them. I think that is worth 5$, and hopefully you will agree as well

Each Piece of earrings are custom made from vintage items, stainless steal so they will not change color, and are 100% unique.
*AS a bonus I will also provide the ability for people to send glitter for a higher price, in hopes that people will chose love over everything else and to see how this community works :) 

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5 days delivery