I will review your plan for teaching a class and suggest new ideas

review your plan for teaching a class and suggest new ideas

About This Gig

Planning is sometimes troublesome task, but it is hard to organize good lesson without proper preparations. I can help you make good teaching plans. 

The best way to achieve class outcomes and goals is to have motivated, active students. I can help you update your plan/s to accomplish this.

There is no learning without active individual. Individual can be very active while listening (decoding the meaning, distinguishing important information, understanding the context and relations...). But there are other types of activation like: practical teaching, problem-solving, divergent and convergent thinking, learning through cooperation and interdependence...

I can provide ideas for different teaching methods. And I can help you to put your plans in adequate form and define content of those fields.

Send me a full plan for one of your classes, and I will send it back to you with suggestions concerning form of the plan, way of setting up the class, student activities, methods and techniques.

You can send me plan if you need help or if you are not sure and wish to check if you are on the right track.

Order Details

Good teaching starts with good plan

I will review your plan/preparation for teaching a lesson and give you ideas how to make it better.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you write full preparations instead of me?
    I can help you concerning class methods and methodology, but not with content of subject itself (because I am not teaching the same subject as you). That's why I can't write preparations instead of you. I can do it only for psychology classes.