I will give you a DIY audio system consultation, home or vehicle

give you a DIY audio system consultation, home or vehicle

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Description Introductory Package Research Package Applicative DIY Package
  Initial Meeting to determine what you want vs what you need to best suit your situation Previous Package plus detailed advice on application specific needs and products All Previous Packages plus detailed advice on best installation techniques and tricks
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About This Gig

Introductory Package
This is an initial meeting where we will communicate either by email or a chat program, and discuss what you want and make any adjustments accordingly given many different factors, such as size of space, application type like home vs vehicle, environmental factors like close neighbors or apartment setting, and take into account any budget requirements or suggestions on where to save money.

Research Package
This is a follow up package to the initial meeting, where I have researched various products and looked for deals, and present to you your best options for various considerations of budget (cheapest budget friendly items, a good overall balance of price items, and some over the top selections for the applications specific needs). We will discuss these in detail and understand whats the best fit for you.

Applicative Package
This package is the other two packages plus another follow up meeting to discuss any installation tips and tricks that I either know about from my own experience or can find during another research period for any specific application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have any hands on services provided through this gig?
    No. This is strictly a consultative service for DIY projects pertaining to choosing and installing audio systems.
  • Am I A Licensed Professional?
    No. At least not yet. I have turned a hobby into a part time job because I love audio and setting up great systems for less money then high end and high cost systems.
  • Is there really a need to seek advice for something as simple as choosing speakers?
    Yes. Because its not simple. Many factors must be taken into account when choosing system components so that they are "harmonious" together. An example is a family friend chose speakers for vehicle, and the fronts got louder quicker then the rears and you really want to avoid these situations.
  • Cant I just go buy a 5.1 in Walmart or Best buy and be done with it for my home?
    Yes. But its apples to oranges. What is an xbox to a gaming computer? A cheaper, affordable alternative. But is it truly all the bang for your buck? In audio systems, not generally. Especially when companies want to fool you into thinking you get all these watts, when you really dont.
  • How can companies lie about what their products put out in terms of watts?
    Its a white lie. Their products are capable of putting out those watts, during rigorous testing and usually achieve it for 1% of the time tested. And if their product was to maintain that output, it'd overheat very quickly.
  • Cant I just go to a local audio dealer for installation since they know what they are doing?
    They are about making their buck, while they do know their stuff. Most of the time. I had a relative go to a audio shop and brought in speakers, asked for them to be hooked up in a way to be banging. He was told using the stock aftermarket radio amp was perfect. That's wrong and not what he wanted.
  • Whats the difference between getting consultations or having the audio shop do it for me?
    My consultations are about your specific needs vs wants, and accommodate your budgets accordingly. A shop will ask you what you want, and even if it doesn't make perfect sense, will sell you what you want anyhow. Its more money for them. If i can save you money for sensibility, I will.
  • What if I(The Purchaser Of Service) want to get what I want anyhow, irregardless of what (The consultant) suggests?
    Hiring me as a consultant, my job is to provide you information that explains why an idea is overkill or not, and what items goes best together as a package, and makes the most sense. You can still purchase whatever you wish and throw it together and hope for the best. You hire me for my knowledge.