I will clean your email lists

clean your email lists

About This Gig

I will fast clean up to 2000 email addresses to make sure they are valid, to remove bad data and to check for bounce emails. ISP's are very sensitive to invalid emails and will ban your email or even your domain if you send to a certain percentage of bounce email addresses.

Fast clean identifies the record associated with the invalid, bad or bounce email and separates the record so you can send a list with any number of fields. I will send you back a separate file of emails that either do not exist or are not valid.

If you want your emails Deep-cleaned, we will  remove the ones that are considered spam traps. Spam traps are used to detect unsolicited email. Also, we will identify and remove complainers and high risk emails that can get you in trouble. Deep cleaning rates are below. Extra-fast delivery is not available for deep cleaning services. Contact me for pricing on larger orders.

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