I will do basic edits on your audio file for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
do basic edits on your audio file
do basic edits on your audio file

About This Gig

Hey Fiverr Peeps, 

In this gig I'll do a basic clean up on your audio. You know when you have the dead moments in there where you're doing a re-take but the tape keeps rolling?
Or when you have your testing at the front of the interview and it needs to be cut off.
And when you have a separate intro and conclusion that need to be added to the main interview.

Well, in this gig I will use the basic copy/paste, cut/paste formats to streamline your audio files.

You supply them to me preferably in .MP3 or .WAV and I'll send you back a .MP3 file once I'm done with the edits.

This gig does not include remastering, auto-tuning or fancy edits. If you supply me a monkey fart I won't be able to turn it in to Norah Jones...

If it's podcast style broadcasts or basic interviews I can add in some Royalty free music that I see fit to the intro and conclusion.

I would prefer it if you can provide a transcription with your audio so I can have a visual aid to where the edits need to happen. If that is not possible, maybe some quick notes with time codes.

This gig is for files up to 20 minutes, if it's over by 10% I won't mind. For Longer files add the extra gig.

Can't wait to gig together.